Shepherds fire live bullets on Farmers, in West Darfur State.

On December 4, 2022, in the Locality of Forbaranga, in West Darfur State, the Farmer “Adam Osman Fadol” aged 65 years, a resident of “Al-Thadamon block” Forbaranga, at approximately half past eight in the evening, was killed by an armed group totaling three individuals, the group approached the victim in his Farm, approximately 300km from the city, after the killing, his properties were looted by the perpetrators.

The dead body was discovered by passersby who in turn alerted the Police. The Police visited the crime scene, and the perpetrators were apprehended by the Police, they are currently under police Custody and the investigations are ongoing.

On Thursday, November 24, 2022, at approximately 8 pm in the evening, in El-Genina, state of West Darfur, citizens moved from the different areas of “Abu Suruj” and “Bir Daqiq”, 17 km away, to attend the local market in Sirba, in the state of West Darfur, El Geneina. The citizens were moving on three Horse Carts and fell into an armed ambush, all three horses were taken by the armed assailants

Reliable resources confirmed to DNMD, that on the 1st of December 2022, in Kreinik Locality, West Darfur State, Al-Rimida area, Armed shepherds fired live bullets on a woman Hawa Khamis Abakar, while inside her farm in Al-Rimida area, West of Kirinik Locality, which resulted to her sustaining an injury to her right Thighs, she was transferred to Kirinik Rural Hospital for treatment, and was further transferred to Al-Genina Hospital for further treatment. The perpetrators remain Unknown, and their motives for shooting the victims are unclear.

In a separate incident orchestrated by Armed Shepherds in Kirinik Locality West Darfur State.

Reliable resources confirmed to DNMD, that the Shepherds in the Gindriny Administrative unit, Locality of Kirinik, West Darfur State, file daily complaints on the incidence of forceful occupations of live stocks into their farms by Armed shepherds, which results in grave destruction to their farms and crops.  The citizens complained that they reported the incidents several times to the authorities in Gindirny, however, there is a lack of availability of cars within the Administrative Unit, to enable it to carry out its tasks sufficiently and in turn, protect the cultivation season, it is confirmed that a special force was formed in the Kirinik Locality headquarters to protect the season, however, the force was not distributed to the different Units to protect the civilians, and was restricted to the headquarters.

The farmers continue to be threatened by the Armed Shepherds with the lack of availability of resources for the government to protect the innocent civilians and their properties. The source confirmed that the Shepherds did not only forcefully trespass into the farms under the threats of firearms, but continue to assault citizens inside their farms, inclusive of women and the elderly, the incidents were reported to the Police of Grindriny Administrative Unit.

The victims who were assaulted were:

  1. Aisha Sulieman Yahaya (Jaloka) Gindriny area, the farm is in Kory
  2. Badria Adam Mohamed, the area of Sarangi, the firm is in Kory
  3. Hawaya Yahya Ishag (Jalka) Gindriny area, the firm in Bakary area.

These are examples of the various attacks that were orchestrated by the armed shepherds, a number of more than 15 complaints were filed in one day, the day before, concerning the forceful occupation of live stocks by armed shepherds in “Karai” and “Dar Wara Farms”. Upon the complaints reaching the authorities, a force from the Police moved to the location and was able to transfer the livestock from the farms to the Police Post, on reaching they were faced with an attack by the armed shepherds in retaliation and they were able to forcefully retrieve their live stocks from the Police, which is dangerous progress further threatening the safety of the innocent citizens and further threatening the progress of the Season which is the main source of income.

On Friday, corresponding to November 25, 2022, a family formed a team to follow the traces of the perpetrators, the family from the residents of the region went out to trace the perpetrators in the Saraf Jadad area on the border with the state of Chad, and clashes took place between the two parties, which forced the perpetrators to climb into the mountains, which led to the injury of one of the members of the group by the names of Ibrahim Muhammad Yahya, aged 47 years and while he was been rushed for treatment he, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries. The Group managed to get back the stolen Horse.

In a separate incident, an Eye witness confirmed to DNMD that on November 25, 2022, in Sirba Locality, West Darfur State, another armed group intercepted and took the citizen’s horse by the name of, “Darij Khareef” aged 34 years, by force at gunpoint and shot him, causing him serious bodily harm. The perpetrators were seen moving towards the area of Saraf Jadada, neighboring Chad. The incident was reported at Sirba’s local police station, and he was transferred to El Geneina Hospital for treatment.

DNMD calls upon;

The Government of west Darfur to carry out investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice
To the national and international community, encourage and support Sudanese authorities in the investigation of human rights violations and prosecution of the alleged perpetrator’s violations going on in the west Darfur state.

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