Gun Attacks by Armed Groups in North Darfur State

(December 14, 2022, North Darfur ) DNMD condemns the various human rights violation that was orchestrated by armed groups on the 13th of December 2022, totaling a number of more than 3 attacks, all within the North Darfur State. On Tuesday 13th December 2022, in Saraf Umrah Locality, North Darfur State, at approximately half past Seven, the civilian “Abdulrahman Osman Abdullah” aged 28 years was shot from the back by three armed individuals riding on Motorcycles, the bullet penetrated his body through his back, exiting the body from the right chest area he was transferred to Saraf Umrah Hospital for treatment, and the matter was reported to Saraf Umrah Police.

DNMD monitors interviewed the family members and obtained information regarding the details of the incident. The victim was working in an electrical shop, charging phones and selling airtime in the Saraf Umrah Market, the incident occurred when the victim was on his way to his home in the “Salam” Block, he was intercepted, nearby the Saraf Umrah Mosque, by three armed individuals, riding on Motorcycles and was shot with live bullets in the presence of other civilians present nearby, and the bag the victim was carrying was looted by the perpetrators, the bag was containing mobile Phones and money in Cash. The perpetrators escaped and are yet to be apprehended by the authorities.

The second incident occurred on the 13th of December 2022, in the Dagiri Village, Kutum Locality, in the morning hours of Tuesday, the Farmer “Mubarak Ishaq” aged 31 years old, father of two children farm was violated by the Shepherds, forcefully leading their Livestock into his farm, on the victim trying to free the livestock from the farm he was shot by the Shepherds, who were also the owners of the Livestock, the Perpetrators were two in number, armed with Guns. The neighbors reported the matter to the Rapid Support Forces in the Molagat Locality.

The RSF Forces were able to apprehend the perpetrators, the victim was rushed to Kutum Teaching Hospital for treatment,

The third incident which equally occurred on the 13th of December 2022, in El-Fasher, North Darfur at approximately 7 pm, the civilian “Ahmad Mohamed Sabil”, aged approximately 55 years was apprehended by three armed individuals driving a salon car, while on his way from the Market, heading to his home, he was intercepted in the “Imtidat’ Block, Near the Mosque, in an attempt to rob his properties of mobile phones and cash, he was fired with live bullets, and he sustained injuries to his head, the passersby were alerted by the noise made by the gunshots and rushed the victim to the Hospital, the perpetrators were however not apprehended.

On 11th December, in Saraf Umra Locality, Al-Wadi Block, at approximately 10 pm, an armed group consisting of three armed individuals ridings on motorbikes, threatened the citizens “Ahmad Adulrahaman Al-Noor Hassan”, aged approximately 32 years, was intercepted by the armed group, nearby the Hai Al-Wadi High school, the attackers requested the victim to hand over his Phone money in Cash, to which he resisted, and the perpetrators fired bullets to scare him, he continued resisting and his ears were cut with a large knife, he was left bleeding. The victim was discovered and rushed to Saraf Umrah Hospital for treatment.

On 9th December 2022, in Um Ghobisha Administrative Unit, Dar Elsalaam Locality “Katal” North Darfur State, at approximately 7 pm, an armed group affiliated with Minawi Movement, the force consisting of three Army Vehicle and another vehicle, the Force led by “Toreen”. The force communicated that their intention was to open a tax authority in the area. The residents objected to the proposal, residents carried out peaceful demonstrations in resistance, to which the force led by Toreen opened fire on the residents which resulted in the injury of two individuals: and the force proceeded to beat the citizens with the back of the guns,

DNMD Monitors spoke to one of the residents “Mohamed Adam” who testified that they were surprised by the force, which represented themselves to be affiliated with the Minawi Forces, and that they were told by the force that they intend to open a tax authority in the area, upon the residents objecting to the proposal, the force opened fire on the resident. Mohamed further confirmed that they feel threatened and afraid that the force might come at any time to carry further attacks against them.

On 7th December 2022, in the Locality of Kabkabia, North Darfur, the Salam Camp for IDPs, an altercation occurred between an Arab group from Al-Shati Block and the IDPs of the Salam Camp, as a result, five houses in the Camp were burnt by the Arab tribe, and properties were looted by the Arab of Al-Shati block, riding on Motorcycles armed with Klashinkov Rifles.

The IDPs reported the attack to the chairman of the Camp, the chairman advised the IDPs to resort to the Police since the individuals responsible for the attack are armed, the matter was accordingly reported to the Police, and the distance between the attack location and the Police station is only 1 km away.

DNMD also calls on:

  • GoS in North Darfur to take concrete action to stop such attacks against the civilian population by armed militia groups and immediately launch proper investigations into the actions of the Police Prosecutor in releasing the suspects without charge.
  • Urges UNITAMS  to continue providing protection to civilians
  • Urges the Government of Sudan to enhance security sector reforms and deployment of fully resourced security personnel to protect civilians and ensure law and order in different parts of Darfur.

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