Human Rights violation in January 2023 by the armed militia in Central Darfur:

On January 31, 2023, at around 4:00 pm, armed militias killed “Mohammed Yahya Adam,” 35, after shooting him, killing him instantly, and injuring “Hassan Mohammed Musa,” 65; this was because the second victim was beaten with sticks and flogged with whips. The unfortunate incident occurred on the road linking the “Jildo” Administrative Unit and the “Saqqa Dar” area when the victims were in the Jildo market; on their way back to “Saqqa Dar” the Janjaweed militia appeared riding two motorbikes and armed with Kalashnikovs rifles. They threatened the citizens, who were merchants. As they were coming from the Jildo market, while some of the citizens managed to flee, the victim refused to hand over his donkey and the property he had, so they shot him with bullets. The survivors alerted the news to the area, and a report was opened at the “Saqqa Dar” police station. A second victim told Darfur Network for Human Rights that he was going from Gildo market to the Saqa Dar area, 35 kilometers away from Nertiti locality; he came across shooters in a creek and was threatened with violence and looted. Residents reported that the citizens communicated with a joint force of the army and police, and the perpetrators were ard and will be brought to justice.

On January 2, 2023, at Nirtit Central Darfur state, Nirti locality, at approximately nine thirty in the evening, two gunmen, described by eyewitnesses to be wearing the uniform of the Rapid Support Forces and riding on a motorcycle, opened fire on “a Dafar” commercial vehicle coming from the Sarqil area, north of Nirti, when they reached Wadi Fadlaqi, north of Nirti, which is at a distance of 8 km, shots by the Gun Men were fired. One of the civilians was wounded due to the attack by the name of.

Abdul Mawali Ishaq Ali Adam, aged 75 years old.
He was injured in the neck. A report was opened at the Nirti Local Police Station, and the injured person was transferred to Nirti Hospital for treatment. A separate incident occurred on the 31st of December 2022 in Central Darfur state, Zalingei, Nirti locality, at approximately eleven o’clock at night. Two gunmen, riding on a motorcycle, attacked a civilian named “Nasreddin Harun Muhajir,” 18 years old, a secondary school student at Al Gharbia School; the victim was outside the house with his friends. On his return home, he was shot by the perpetrators and wounded in the neck. A report was opened at the Nirti Police Station, and the injured person was transferred to Nyala Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Two people were killed and wounded by gunfire from the Janjaweed militia

On Sunday, January 15, 2023, at around 7:00 p.m., citizens aboard a vehicle were subjected to gunshots fired by the militias, which resulted in the death of a young woman by the name of “Dar al-Salam Mohammed Adam Four,” 22 years old, and the injury of “Hassein Mohammed Adam Four,” 32-years- who happened to be her elder brother. The incident was reported to the Saqqa Dur police station, the injured person was transferred to the “Saqqa Dur” health center for treatment, and the martyr’s body was taken to the city Mortuary for Post Mortem. The body was buried in the Saqqa Dur cemetery the following day.

The incident occurred in (Khor Kalkal), the road linking the city of Zalingei and the Saga Dur area.

When the vehicle arrived at Khor Kalkal, three people riding two motorcycles (motors) armed with clashes and wearing rapid support uniforms intercepted their way, they fired live bullets at the vehicle that belonged to the health center. Saqa Dur, who was transporting food items for children in Nertiti locality, Central Darfur state.

The rape of a woman and the survival of 2 by the Janjaweed militia:

On the morning of Friday, January 27, 2023, the Janjaweed militia raped a young woman (the name is to remain Anonymous, 20 years old), who lives in the village of Tirwa, in the locality of Central Jebel Marra Golo, Central Darfur state. The unfortunate incident occurred in the village of Taranga when the victim, accompanied by two women, went to fetch firewood northwest of Golo, about 7 kilometers from the city. She was raped alternately for three hours by six individuals at gunpoint. Now her condition is reported by Family members as critical, and a report was opened. She was transferred to “Golo” Hospital for treatment after the survival of 2 women who informed the family members of the incident; the perpetrators were six-armed individuals described by the victims as wearing Rapid Support uniforms.

It’s worth noting that the process of rape and sexual harassment by militias is a weapon of war that has been repeated and used continuously. It is a mechanism to provoke the feelings of the victims and their families and change Darfur’s demographic composition.

Armed militia shot at a commercial vehicle with civilians on board at around 1:00 am on January 28, 2023. The incident occurred about 7 kilometers east of Mukjar, on the road linking Nyala and Mukjar, as the vehicle was traveling from Nyala to For Baranga locality in West Darfur. It came under fire, seriously wounding two people:

  1. Mohammed Ali Haroun, 25 years old and;
  2. Fatima Mohammed Ahmed,13 years old).

A report of the accident was opened at the Mukjar Police Station in Central Darfur. They were transferred to Mukjar Hospital and then to Nyala Hospital; due to the seriousness of their injuries, the vehicle’s goods and the passengers’ belongings were looted by the armed Militia. The perpetrators were three-armed men riding two motorbikes, as later described by the survivors.

In a separate incident in the evening on the same day, January 28, 2023, the Janjaweed militias immediately attacked a passenger vehicle linking Mukjar and Garsila, striking them with large canes and whipping them. They were also looted of their belongings, including phones.

The death of the displaced woman/ Nawal Ismail Yaqoub Youssef Abdullah, 20 years old.

A mother of one child, a resident of the northern camp for the displaced in Nirti Center 7, where she was subjected to rape and murder by stabbing her back and stomach and injuries to the hands. Herders destroyed the victim’s farm east of Neirti on Friday, January 20, 2023, when the victim went to her farm and discovered unknown herders had damaged it.

On the morning of Saturday, corresponding to January 21, 2023, several displaced persons, the Committee for Peaceful Coexistence, an army and police force, and the executive director moved to the scene of the accident. It was found that the victim was naked, her body was transported to the mortuary at the Nertiti Hospital in Central Darfur State, and her body was finally buried in the cemetery of Center 7.

On January 14, 2023, at 5 pm, in the city of Zalingei, in the state of Central Darfur, the citizen Adam Abdullah Omar, 31 years old, who works as “a rickshaw driver,” was injured by a round of live bullets fired by an unknown individual while he was on his way from Al-Mohafaza neighborhood heading towards the large market near Savings Bank Central Darfur Zalingei. The victim said; A bullet strangely hit him while the rickshaw driver was shot in his right hand with a Kalashnikov weapon. He was taken to Zalingei Teaching Hospital for surgery. A report was opened in the northern section.

Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

  • GoS in central Darfur to take concrete action to stop such attacks against the civilian population by armed militia groups and immediately launch proper investigations into the actions
  • Urges UNITAMS to continue protecting civilians
  • Urges the Government of Sudan to enhance security sector reforms and deploy fully resourced security personnel to protect civilians and ensure law and order in different parts of the Darfur region.

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