Human rights abuses are widespread in West Darfur – El- Geneina:

(February 10,2023 El- Geneina). On Sunday, January 29, 2023, at approximately 9 a.m., armed militias using six motorbikes attacked a Toyota 2f commercial vehicle in West Darfur – El- Geneina in western Sudan. Witnesses told the Darfur Network for Human Rights that a white Toyota 2F left Kerenik this morning, heading to the weekly market of Mekshasha to shop, and was attacked by armed Militia riding on six Motorbikes. Consequently, Al-Zein Zakaria Hamed, aged 48, sustained severe thigh injuries. Karenik Rural Hospital treated him, and his condition is stable. Mobile phones and money were stolen from passengers, and the criminals fled. According to reports, a joint force was sent from Karenik to the accident site to pursue the criminals.

The injured / Al-Zein Zakaria Hamed, currently lives in Karinak, Al-Matar neighborhood, and previously from the “Hajir” area, located north of Karnak. Due to the repeated incidents of looting on passing vehicles in the Karnak locality these days, which disturb the travelers with the heavy spread of armed men around the city, using motors and threatening the citizens, the security authorities of the locality face many challenges in dealing with this issue.

A new massacre in the administrative unit of Misteri locality -El-Geinana west Darfur, on January 24, 2023, the Janjaweed militias ambushed a vehicle of civilian passengers heading from Noro Mistry, west of the Bara region, killing six civilians and wounding four. The perpetrators fled the scene, they were described as five riders on three motorcycles, and a report was filed at the Misteri Police Station.

In addition, bodies were dissected in Misteri Rural Hospital, and the injured were treated, but their condition worsened, so they were taken to El Geneina Hospital for further treatment. According to the accident details, the small car was coming from the weekly market of Norowa to the Misteri area. It was ambushed by armed militias who fired bullets at it, killing and injuring several passengers. The wounded were transferred to Misteri’s health center.

The names of the killed Victims:

Jama Ahmed Mohammoud,43 old
Ahmed Bakhit Arbab,60 old
Zakaria Hassan Matar, 55old
Adam Abdulazeem Seadna,35old
Abou Khamis,12 old
Jama Abdul kaream Abdulla,36old
The names of the wounded:

Jama Zakria Arabab,32 old
Hashim Khamis Abdulla,30 old
Ama Ibrahim 31old
Rashda Hassan Yousif, 45old
Darfur Network for Human rights repeats its calls for urgent access to Darfur, for human rights monitors to investigate attacks on civilians in the region, and for an independent and impartial Commission of Inquiry into the complex human rights situation in Darfur. Any future peace negotiations on Darfur must address the grave human rights abuses committed in the area.

Additionally, all government-aligned militias respect and protect civilians in all areas under their control and respect and obey international humanitarian law at all times. “In its silence, the Sudanese government encourages further abuses. Government forces and their militia must immediately cease targeting civilians. Victims told the Darfur Network for Human Rights.

Women displaced from Karenik were attacked by armed militia.

On Sunday, January 15, 2023. Three kilometers north of Karenik, in the state of West Darfur, armed militias assaulted two displaced women while gathering firewood The source confirmed by Darfur Network for Human Rights that armed militias attacked the victims using sticks and whips, flogging them in specific areas such as the back, arms, thighs, shoulder, and head, and the injured were:

Jamila Ibrahim Ishaq, 40 years old,
Amouna Abdul Rahman Hussein, 20 years old.
They were treated at Karenik Rural Hospital, then transferred today, Monday, January 16, 2023, to El Geneina Hospital for further examinations and treatments. The doctor also confirmed to the Darfur Network for Human Rights that the victims had been subjected to the worst forms of torture and inhumane treatment by armed militias if they found swelling in the heads of the victims.

In West Darfur, the Kulbus locality is located in El Geneina. On January 16, 2023, at 8 a.m., two armed thieves wearing military uniforms similar to those of the Sudanese army attacked the Civilian Ahmed Abkar Hamed on his Farm. They looted 25 cows from the citizen Ahmed Abkar Hamed, 56. As a result, a report was opened in the Kulbus locality, and the Saraf Amra local police in North Darfur were also notified. It was 8 kilometers from the northern side of Umrah when citizens informed the joint force, the army, and the police; the joint force reached the perpetrator at precisely 3 p.m., but the perpetrators opened fire on the joint force and civilians, wounding a citizen named Jamil Ahmed Abkari, 24 years old, who sustained a right-hand injury. He was treated in Saraf Umra Hospital, and a report was filed with the Saraf Umra local police. Juma Mohammed.

The driver, Shackler Mohammed Amin, 33 years old, was armed and looted by two people in motorized vehicles equipped with Kalashnikovs and wearing plain clothes, hiding their faces with a veil, on January 17, 2023, at 7 am, in the Morni area of Karenik locality of West Darfur state – El Geneina.

He was stopped near the Marouni area, and he was shot, breaking his leg and injuring the other leg; at the same time, a Land Cruiser from the Armed Forces appeared, and after the perpetrator saw him, the army vehicle escaped with the motor. He was treated by the Armed Forces vehicle until they reached Zalingei for treatment. In the Zalingei Presidency Police Department, a report has been opened. The patient was transferred to Nyala Hospital in South Darfur because no orthopedic specialist was available.

Darfur Network for Human Rights calls upon:

GoS of west Darfur to take measures to prevent renewed attacks against civilians in West Darfur and deploy enough defense and security forces equipped with the necessary logistical resources to ensure the adequate protection of civilians.
To protect civilians and enforce the rule of law and order in Darfur, the Sudanese government should enhance security sector reforms and deploy fully resourced security personnel to protect civilians. Also, consider the human rights violations documented in this report and the responsibility of their alleged perpetrators in security sector reform measures that may be carried out.
Disarm militia groups and disassociate them from state security forces to ensure that large-scale violence is prevented, and clear responsibility is attributed to perpetrators of violence in west Darfur.
Sudanese authorities should be encouraged and assisted to investigate and prosecute alleged perpetrators of human rights violations in west Darfur by the international community.
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