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At least 11 Were killed and 18 Wounded by the Janjaweed Militia in South Darfur, western Sudan:

On December 23, 2022, armed militias affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces, driving military four-wheel-drive vehicles (land cruisers) and motorcycles wearing the uniforms of the Rapid Support Forces, Villages surrounding South Darfur state were attacked : (Amouri, Takla, Kebuqi, Arba’a Gemmayzeh, Humaydah, Kadret Shatti Qashtir, Kerry, Qalqali, Doka, Singo, Umm Trina, Ashma, and Kemski) In […]

CategoriesArbitrary Killings Human rights

The killing of a woman by an Armed, Masked individual, East Kadogoly, South Kordofan State.

On December 11, 2022, in the Village of Abu Jafala, Abu Zabad Locality, West Kordofan State, an unknown, armed group riding Motorbikes with Klashinkove rifles intercepted one of the Farmers of the Hamar tribe, tied him to a tree, and looted a total of 135 Goats. Following the armed looting, the residents organized a search […]

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Shepherds fire live bullets on Farmers, in West Darfur State.

On December 4, 2022, in the Locality of Forbaranga, in West Darfur State, the Farmer “Adam Osman Fadol” aged 65 years, a resident of “Al-Thadamon block” Forbaranga, at approximately half past eight in the evening, was killed by an armed group totaling three individuals, the group approached the victim in his Farm, approximately 300km from […]

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